NOT SO LONG AGO, in the not so far away land, already known from the Different Tale of Two Brothers, an evil king seduced the people who became hostile to their neighbors, enslaved them, stole their properties and killed millions of them gruesomely. One of the evil king’s lieutenants, who once was a decent, unremarkable man, dehumanized himself, excelled in murdering civilians in the cruelest manner which made him infamous as ‘The Butcher’. Another lieutenant, once a diligent engineer, excelled in organizing the wars for the evil king, confiscating, stealing the riches of other peoples, forcing them to work for the war machine, due to the medieval saying ‘The War Which Feeds The War’ and he was called “The Organizer”.

WHEN THE FORCES OF LIGHT finally stood up and conquered the evil empire in an unprecedented epic, bloody war, both lieutenants were put on trial for their crimes, together with the other most malicious deputies of the evil king. During the trials, all defendants were united in a fierce denial about their felonies. Except for those two lieutenants. To the surprise of all, ‘The Butcher’ began to repent full heartedly and when he went to the gallows, he asked his victims and God for forgiveness. The “Organizer” admitted some guilt and became the only one of the evil king’s major lieutenants who was not sentenced to death but put into prison for many years. So justice was done, one way or the other, was it?

LET’S HAVE A LOOK at the real story which happened in and after Nazi Germany. Hans Frank, the ‘Butcher of Poland’ caused some of the most heinous excesses of inhumanity against the defenseless, suppressed citizens of Warsaw. He was indeed the exception, the only of the indicted war criminals in Nuremberg who repented full-heartedly and trustworthy, though he knew, his repentance wouldn’s spare his life. The “Organizer”, the evil king’s right-hand man Albert Speer, the alleged ‘good Nazi’, “Hitler’s Architect”, aka “The Architect of Death” wrote a book after his 20 years prison sentence, became famous and wealthy. But the fame and the wealth was not enough for him. After having been set free, he sold stolen Jewish arts which he had confiscated during the Nazi period. He became never indicted again and died in a London brothel. After all, he lied, he deceived, he didn’t change. His accomplice who helped him to sell the looted art was never put on trial in Germany, though his role as a concealer is known.

SO JUSTICE IS NOT WELL SERVED, righteousness is not rewarded? No happy end, instead of an outcome which puts right and wrong, good and evil upside down? Wait a minute, this story is not finished yet. Both war criminals lost the respect and love of their families. The butcher’s son published a fierce book about his father’s heinous life. Albert Speer’s son became a world-famous city planner who distanced himself from his father. His daughter was engaged in getting compensation for Russian slave workers in Nazi Germany and became a known figure in the German peace movement.

HOW THIS EPIC TALE about Good and Evil will end, if there is a righteous end, is to all of us, you and me. We decide every day anew on which side we are.The overall story about good and evil is defined finally by our own choices and decisions with which we write our own as well as the human history.


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