NOT SO LONG AGO, IN A NEARBY LAND, there were two brothers, Hermann and Albert. It is said, as children they loved each other dearly. Hermann became a famous warrior, his younger brother Albert a decent merchant. Then in their country, an evil king arose who seduced the hearts and the minds of the people by promising riches and land for free. Riches, not earned by their own endeavors, but by suppressing foreign peoples, murdering the citizens, stealing their property. The evil king turned the country into a dark empire. Hermann became his ardent follower, Albert instead opposed the evil king viciously.

Hermann who climbed up the career ladder in the dark empire converted himself into an infamous mass murderer, responsible for the deaths of millions. Albert instead refused to bow to the evil and saved as many people as possible from the persecution of his brother and the evil king. Finally, Hermann, who became second in command in the dark empire, brought the war to many countries. Albert instead supported the resistance against the evil king and his brother and helped prisoners to flee.

Hermann turned himself into an inhumane monster. Albert turned himself into a savior of the weak and defenseless, a hero of humanity.

Our place in life is not predetermined by birth, race, family, sex, circumstances, intelligence, education, social status. We chose ourselves where we go, only we are responsible for our decisions.

As you might have thought, this tale is no fairy tale, it is a real-life story. Both brothers had the same surname, Goering. Hermann Goering, second in command in the Third Reich, who served the evil king Hitler, was put on trial at Nuremberg, sentenced to death and committed suicide. His younger brother Albert Goering suffered for the rest of his life from the dark shadow of his infamous brother and lived a decent life. In Germany, he was never honored for his outstanding demeanor until today. It is reported, that Hermann, the evil brother, saved Albert, the good brother, several times from the Gestapo due to his paramount influence.

Why is this tale told on LinkedIn? Both brothers were successful political and economic leaders. But only one of them contributed to the success of a humane civilization, to humanity. Success as such is not enough, it is worthy only with a positive aim.

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