Greece stands for one of the world’s fundamental civilizations, which originated, cultivated and excelled in philosophy, sciences, mathematics, technology, democracy, arts, literature.
Since more than 500 years the once wealthy region fought against eons of foreign occupiers, empires and modern barbarians to keep its independence. Greece payed large sacrifices for its decisive will to live in freedom, self-determination and democracy.
Arrived in the European political system in 1980, a lot of things went wrong, which lead to the current crisis between the Greek government, International Monetary Fonds (IMF), Eurozone, European Central Bank (ECB).

The actual crisis is a one-in-a-century opportunity to correct aberrations in the economy, to make a difference for a better future.
Greece is an excellent place for a startup ecosystem. To win talents, entrepreneurial leaders, funding capital, brands, universities, the economical and juridical environment has to be adequate.

To jump-start a precisely defined project, here named as “Technon”, a task force shall be formed comprising
•    Initiators, enabling team,
•    Authorities from Greece and – optional – the European Union,
•    Promising technological issues which can be transformed into successful startups and entrepreneurship,
•    Supporting universities like f. ex. Stanford University, MIT, ETH Zuerich
•    Supporting brands

Pivotal for success are the surrounding economical and juridical conditions. Because of the overall still unsettled situation in Greece, teams, talents, brands and funding capital will hesitate to take above-average risks. A practical proposal for both sides, the initiators of “Technon” and the Greek authorities to come together, is a special economical zone. China did so for many years successful in Guangzhou (Kanton), Guangdong province.

The special economical zone shall differ from surrounding territory in
•    Tax code
•    Employment rules
•    Capital transfer rules
The special economical zone “Technon” shall guarantee clear defined rights to the initiators, to enable them to build up an outstanding entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The proposal describes an opportunity for Greece to jump-start a Silicon Valley inspired entrepreneurial culture as a role model, an attraction for disruptive technology to revive the Greek economy sustainable.