The sitting president of the United States makes his case against the Apple Initiative in respect of privacy. As statist-in-chief he choses one of the most thrilling tech audiences at SXSW to deploy his message to the stunned civil society: for the sake of your individual security and national security, the government has to intrude your privacy, which we don’t like, but we have to, so sorry.

From distant Europe, effectively not so distant with the Internet, I wonder. Is Mr. O addressing the same nation which conquered the most dangerous aggression against humanity ever? Which was late in the race to space but reached the moon first, inspired by a different president who accepted the challenge and ignited an until then unknown endeavour? The same nation who still gives the GPS for free to the world, saving millions of tons of carbon dioxide daily? Which unleashed with the Internet the most efficient societal, economical disruption since the invention of the printing press? With a unique technological, entrepreneurial ecosystem, spreading outstanding ideas over the world, igniting hundreds of thousands of young entrepreneurs to make a difference, to change the world, conquering poverty with sharing economy, crowdsourcing, facilitating everyday life with artificial intelligence? This advanced, unique civil society should not be able to solve 21st century challenges with a developed 21st century mindset and 21st century technology?

Come on Mr. O, please sing me a different song!