The blue chips of American Technology Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft are united to ward their customers from the authorities’ grip on privacy.

The goverment as well as some lawmakers argue, there is no alternative to the intrusion in citizen’s privacy with the purpose to prevent crimes and possible new terrorist events. That’s a point and despite all rhetorics against Apple, we should trust in the sincerity of the argument. On the other side, citizens fear, this argument is not half of the truth. The other half: the state systemically wants to have a foot in the privacy sphere of every citizen.
A mutual suspicion, mistrust. The comprehensible tensions of this confrontation are positive, demand all participants to work on viable solutions. The fight is not about winning or losing, it is to face the authorities with the civil society’s justified interests. In other words: there must be solutions for national security which do not intrude privacy.

A challenge with all involved technological, political, juridical aspects. Which finally will lead to security on the one side, privacy on the other side. No one should say from the beginning: ‘impossible’.

We should trust in a collaborative society which invents an automated car, declares the computer as a driver, to be able to develop appropriate solutions for this sensible issue too.
The refusal of the tech giants on behalf of their customers is the first step to ignite a “moonshot” in this respect. All in all, a victory for the civil society. This move could have influence far beyond the US territory, a role model for other democracies facing the same issue.